All about Dory

Our goal is to make the world's most beautiful, personal and functional door sign. But the way we get there is also important. We want to be transparent, fair and responsible in all aspects of our business.

  • Unique and fresh perspectives

    A core part of Dory is collaborations with other designers, illustrators and creatives. Both for offering a wide variety of frames and content – and to provide a healthy eco-system for designers to contribute. Dory pays the designers both an up-front fee and a 10 % royalty on each sale. First off are Dory by Blikås, Dory by Kvass and Dory by Anti.

  • Dory by Sandra Blikås (byHands)

    Sandra creates colourful, lush, and organic illustrations. and we are delighted to have her as one of the first Dory designer collaborations. Preorder the frame →

  • Dory by Anti

    ANTI is a renowned multi-disciplinary agency offering creative solutions to clients from every part of the world. A New Type of Interchangeable frame coming soon.

  • Dory by Kvass

    A specialist woodshop combining tradition and creativity. Currently working on a very special frame for Dory, honouring Norwegian wood carving. Preorder the frame →

  • The door sign for life

    We strive to make Dory as environmentally friendly as we can. The ePaper technology itself is inherently sustainable in both use and production, and only consumes a fraction of power when updating the display. The temporary communication with the phone are done via Bluetooth Low Energy – not by the more energy consuming wifi. We also focus on choosing the right materials, the smallest possible packaging and are participating in our payment provider's initiative for carbon removal. And when factoring in that Dory may last for a lifetime, we are confident that the numbers will add up positively. On a wider responsible note, we are paying design collaborators a higher than normal royalty rate (10%), and for some of our special frames are donating 5% to related organisations. And yes, the sales price was set independant of this decision :-)

  • A note on timeline and functionality

    The main functionality of the sign will be available from the shipping (see news section for updates on delivery), and some features may be rolled out in the coming months afterwards. There also might be minor adjustments to the materials and product details shown on this site. The app will come in two versions: The basic and free version with everything you need to use the sign – including a set of quality fonts in a range of styles and beautiful illustrations made for Dory. In addition we will offer an affordably priced premium version (around 2 USD/month) which will provide access to a larger and growing library of fonts, illustrations, custom functionality as well as a special offers. Full details to be displayed closer to product release date.

  • Where to get Dory

    A large portion of the Dory price tag is our manufacturing cost, so to be able to sell the sign at an affordable price, the sign is primarily sold directly through our online store. But for those who would like to see the sign in person, we are teaming up with select design and interior stores in some larger cities. More information are to be displayed closer to product release date. We will also offer Dory to property developers and can offer special functionality and custom frames on request.

  • We can always be better

    One doesn't need a reason to do good – but as a small company making a single product (as of now) – we are fully dependent on happy customers. Although we have put a lot of effort in to making Dory the very best we can, there will be details to iron out and features to add. If you have suggestions on new functionality or how we can be better, please send us your suggestions via the contact page. We also plan to make future product decisions together with the Dory community.

  • E Ink Corporation

    The originator, pioneer and commercial leader in in Digital Paper for connected and sustainable smart applications. Main contact: Jonathan Margalit, PhD – Senior Business Development Manager.

  • Inventas

    Norway’s leading firm for strategic product development. Inventas is involved with industrial design detailing and all electronics related on Dory. Main team: Eirik Penne, Sigbjørn Windingstad and Hoc Nguyen.

  • Beining & Bogen

    A bureau that specializes in the development of native apps. Beining & Bogen has extensive experience from smart home solutions and are passionate about creating good user experiences with high technical quality.

  • Protector IP

    Manager and advisor of Dory intellectual property. Trademark and design are currently pending in both EU and USA. Main contact: Petter Westnes.