Press release: Dory announced at CES with E Ink

Press release: Dory announced at CES with E Ink

January 5, 2022, Las Vegas / Oslo 
CES Booth: San Polo 3501A

The Door Sign Reinvented

Introducing Dory, the world's most beautiful, personal and functional door sign.


We want everyone to have their perfect door sign. That's why we made Dory – an elegant, modern and future proof solution featuring a high resolution ePaper display from E Ink, a growing collection of swappable frames and app control for setting up names or showing temporary messages. It's a friendly welcome to both guests and yourself – and adds a touch of style and personality to your entrance. 

Dory only consumes power when changing content and will operate 5–10 years on two standard button cell batteries.

The sign is available for preorder today on and first orders are scheduled to ship in summer 2022. The base kit includes everything you need to get started: The main unit, a white swappable frame, the smart bracket and batteries. Just download the app and prepare to be delighted! Prices are 129 USD (ex VAT), 129 EUR (inc. VAT) and 1295 NOK (inc VAT). The price is set as an introductory price and may be adjusted after launch.

«We are delighted and honoured to be showing our next generation door sign for the first time in public together with E Ink Corporation – the originator, pioneer and commercial leader in ePaper technology.»

– Thomas Ramberg, Founder & Designer, Dory AS

Beautiful from every angle

  • Latest generation of high resolution 5.2" ePaper display from E Ink. Shows text, illustrations and even photos with impressive detail and clarity.
  • Handpicked fonts and designer made templates.
  • Floating design for an elegant mount on both smooth and rugged surfaces.

Customizable for personal taste and surroundings

    • Blend in or stand out with our swappable frames. The Dory kit comes with a versatile light gray frame to suit any surroundings – but can easily be swapped for frames in different colours, designs and real materials such as wood, metal and stone.
    • Dory collaborates with renown artists and designers to offer a wide variety of expressions for both the physical frames and screen content. First off are Dory by Sandra Blikås, Dory by Kvass and Dory by Anti.
    • Some series of frames will explore other shapes or sizes – such as the wood carved edition by Kvass.

    Functionality for both every day and every occasion

    • Easy to edit text, such as names in the household
    • Pre-made snippets for the header and footer, e.g. «Beware of the dog».
    • Set up temporary messages – for example «Be right back» or for welcoming dinner guests.
    • Themes for holidays and special occasions.
    • Dynamic themes – e.g. illustrations that evolves over time.
    • Messaging system: Send predefined messages to Dory-owners by scanning a QR code.

    Benefits with Dory over traditional door signs

    • Sustainable – Dory may very well be the last door sign one will need. Editable text and content – removing hard decisions before purchase.
    • Modular physical design. Custom designs also available on request, e.g. for apartment complex.
    • Show temporary messages – no more Post-It notes on the door.
    • Allowing typography not possible with traditional door signs, such as calligraphy fonts.
    • No visible screws and rotatable orientation of the sign.
    • Affordable – comparable in price to the upper range of traditional door signs. Prices to be announced in january 2022.

    Practical and technical details

    • Display type: Latest generation ePaper display from E Ink Corporation. 5.2" size and 284 dpi.
    • Size: 144 x 96 x 11 mm / 5.67" x 3.78" x 0.43" (with standard swappable frame, and including mount)
    • Supplied mount only builds 1.5 mm and can be rotated for both horisontal and vertical orientation.
    • Protection: The sign will only be usable for verified users in the app. The frames and main unit are are optionally secured mechanically to the bracket with a single screw.
    • 5–10 years of typical battery life on the supplied button cell batteries. The ePaper display only uses energy when changing content and allows approximately 200 updates before changing batteries.
    • Bluetooth LE communication for easy set up and wide device compatibility.
    • Long expected product life – ePaper signage are known to last for decades. For indoor and outdoor use. IP classification to be announced.

    Notes on time line and functionality

    Specifications may change before launch. The basic functionality of the sign will be available from the scheduled launch summer 2022. Some of the functionality described or displayed on the show will be rolled out in the coming months afterwards. The app will come in two versions: A free version with everything you need to use the sign – including a set of quality fonts in a range of styles and select illustrations. An affordably priced premium version (below 2 USD/month) will provide access to a larger and growing library of fonts, layouts, illustrations and additional functionality – as well as discount on swappable frames. Full details to be announced in the upcoming months on

    To E Ink from Dory

    «We really appreciate the friendly, enthusiastic and professional support E Ink have provided from the first contact. Also the technology and display quality continues to amaze us – it truly feels like a piece of subtle everyday magic.»

    – Thomas Ramberg, Founder & Designer


    Press Contacts

    For Dory AS: Thomas Ramberg, Founder & Designer,, M: +47 918 80 280

    For E Ink Corporation: Jonathan Margalit, PhD, Senior Business Development Manager,, M: +1.978.944.3158

    Product images and logo:
    Dropbox-folder →

    Intellectual Property Dory is a registered trademark in Norway, registration number 318394, and pending in EU and USA, registration number MP/NO2021868. Design registration are pending in EU and USA, registration number WIPO111857.