Status on delivery

Status on delivery

Next update: May 15, 2024

This summer we decided to do some redesign on both the electronics and industrial design. The changes are: Bigger and better battery (800+ updates and 10+ years of use before battery change), anti glare glass front, better weather proofing, visual refinements and more. The website will be updated with new images and specifications when finalised.

We are really sorry for the delay, and are thankful for your continued patience and support. We are confident that the changes are worth the wait and are looking forward to sending out Dory as soon as possible.

Currently working on:
• Electronics and v1 embedded software: Complete.
• Industrial design: Complete.

Upcoming steps (after the above):
• Making of injection moulds: Estimated 5-8 weeks | Production of housing and electronics: 2-4 weeks
• Certification. Estimated duration: 4-5 weeks
• Assembly and shipping of first batch: 1-2 weeks
• Total timeline for this phase: 10–15 weeks

Best estimate of delivery (as of April 25, 2023)
• July

Next update are scheduled for May 15, 2024
Reach us on for any questions.